Crystal Operating System

A windows-like and unix-like OS. (Developing)

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An operating system, a windows, a gnu/linux/ubuntu, a milestone of programming.
Crystal-OS, by it's Original Development Group, Shanlan Youyang Studio and Crystal Computer Studio from China, will make a miracle like Windows 1.0 in November, 1985. It is a wonderful platform with Windows PE executive support and Ubuntu ELF executive support with linked files so you can run any program if you want anywhere. You can also call it 'a windows-linux-like system'.
Although this is now a dream, nothing can stop us to archive our dream. We have times and healthy bodies, so we can spend more developing this OS.
You can join the group of developers by contact me or send a e-mail to (The server is not always open). We have used Git repository to manage our source code.
One more thing, it is a close-source software, you will earn money from it if we success and you have Crystal-OS DEV POINT! (IT WON'T BE A LITTLE AMOUNT.)


No.150, Zhongshan Rd., Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China (CHN330000)

QQ Group:243283109

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